How Kindrunner Works!

Three Easy Steps to Kindness Cash Rewards™

1. Run: When you purchase a shoe through Kindrunner, we will send a Kindness Cash Rewards return-label in the box you receive via shipment. This label is then used to send an old, or worn, pair of running shoes--along with the original packaging to be recycled--back to our closest Shoe Donation Partners processing center (saving energy and unnecessary expense). It does not matter what brand of shoes you send back or what size they are--someone else will appreciate them!

2. Repurpose: Once your old shoes are received, one of our shoe donation partners, Soles4Souls or the MORE Foundation Group, ensures that people in the greatest need receive them. At the same time, we immediately note the arrival of your shoes and credit your account with $10 in Kindness Cash Rewards. Kindness Cash Rewards can be applied at once or accumulated for a more expensive purchase. It's up to you how to use them!

3. Repeat: We envision a continuous cycle, where shoes sold through Kindrunner are ultimately returned after their running life is complete, donated to someone who needs the shoes much more than the original owner and uses them for an extended period.

Donation of Excess Shoes

You can also return as many of your old shoes as you would like to our Distribution Center without an associated purchase from Although the Free 3 Way Shipping and Kindness Cash Rewards options do not apply to this procedure, we want to gather as many shoes as possible for donation. As we gather more shoes, we know that more shoes will end up directly on the feet people who truly need them with less going in landfills or polluting our environment.

Thanks for being a Kindrunner!

Excess Shoe Donation Shipping Address: Kindrunner DC PO BOX 150 Millburn, NJ 07041