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Unipower Corporation

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Phone: (800) 542-6998 Fax: (952) 884-1726
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Medical Device Batteries

For over 30 years Unipower has provided dependable delivery of replacement batteries for medical devices and Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS). Unipower’s customers extend beyond hospitals and clinics to include other markets that rely on medical devices, including EMS, public safety, alternate care, and the military.

Unipower was founded with the mission to give anyone that relies on medical devices, replacement batteries that were an affordable alternative to OEM batteries. In addition our batteries match – or exceed – the quality of the medical device manufacturer’s. Decades of growth and thousands of customers speak to that success.

Unipower has over 3000 products and is one of the leading suppliers of replacement batteries for Alaris and Sigma Infusion Pumps and Zoll Defibrillators, as well as CSB Batteries for UPS products. Over the decades, they have built one of the most comprehensive replacement battery product libraries in the medical device industry with some of the most recognized names, including Duracell, Panasonic, CSB, Sanyo/FDK, Enersys, MK/East Penn, and PowerSonic.

If you’re new to Unipower, use our Product Wizard at the top of the page to find the battery you’re looking for. Then you have two options: either simply place an order using your credit card for fast and dependable delivery – most of our orders ship within 24 hours – or you may register to open an account and have the option of ordering online through your organization’s standard requisition process.